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Symone and the Letter by the Daughters of A Revolutionary Summer—
A Children's Book from McBride Collection of Stories

For as long as eleven-year-old Symone, lover of all things biology, dancing, and baking could remember, her family had always been complete. But that soon changes when Symone's family of four becomes a family of three as a result of her dad being unjustly incarcerated. Symone and the Letter details how young Symone copes with the loss of her father just before her school's annual Father-Daughter Dance.


A Revolutionary Summer, in conjunction with McBride Collections of Stories, is thrilled to announce the release of Symone and the Letter. The children's book is A Revolutionary Summer's premier publication and was written in its entirety by first-time authors and program participants Cortlin Bell, Tyla Booker, Jamesha Caldwell, Kalea Harris, Joy Njoroge, Zawadi Songhai and Jordan Wise.

We hope that you will support A Revolutionary Summer and the new authors by purchasing Symone and the Letter. Shipping is included in the cost. 

Thank you to Our Patrons!

A Revolutionary Summer exists because of the people. Each year we welcome and are sustained by hundreds of individual donations. We are honored by every single contribution— those that make us clutch our pearls and those that make us nod Amen.  

The individuals listed here have supported us multiple times in our short life. Please join us in celebrating their vital commitment to ARS. 

Lance Bennet

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Clynthia Graham

Rashida Govan

Charnetta Harvey

Damaris Hill

Khusana Jackson

Kimberly Jackson

Lynnette Johnson

Joy Johnson

Jill Leukhardt

Yolanda Manning

Willie Lee Mccullough

Donesha Miller

Israel Miller

Sabrina Pridgen

Marianne Richardson

Melody Short

Tamara Simmons

Shani Smith

Amy K. VanDerwater

Cenise Waites

Shanique Wells

Kelly Wilson

Thank you to Our Grantors!

As A Revolutionary Summer has grown, so too have our expenses. Bigger goals call for more funds, and we've been fortunate to achieve those goals with the support of local, regional and national organizations like those showcased here. 

Thank you, Robert W. DeutschStudio LabsThe Contemporary, Wal-mart, Stoop + Stank & Maryland State Arts Council for your commitment to ARS.  

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