Logistics '21

Who: Black girls living in the Baltimore area (Please note that we don't institute an age limit because we encourage past participants to reapply. Most first-time applicants fall between ages 15-19.)  

What: Intensive, critical reading and writing workshops (with some self-love, self-inquiry, and yoga thrown in there)

Where: TBD (We will determine the final shape of this year's program by the application deadline, as we will use potential candidates' feedback to determine how best to execute Summer 2021 in a safe, engaging way that makes everyone comfortable. Some components are guaranteed to be delivered virtually, but others may be in-person, of course honoring the most current CDC guidelines. We thank you for your patience as we adapt to programming in a pandemic.) 

When: June 25 - 27 (Relationship-building retreat)

Sunday afternoons, July 11 - August 15 (Reading workshops + yoga)

Select weekday evenings (Writing + supplemental workshops)

Why: To tell the truth about Black girls; to expedite a shift in consciousness; to have a safe space within which to create; to build critical reading, writing and thinking skills; to fill the intellectual and creative gaps often produced by summer break; to cry when an author explains your life to you and all this time you thought no one understood; to grow with and be inspired by other Black girls; to identify, claim and keep close things that nourish and sustain you; to live beyond your story and experiences; to honor your gifts and your weaknesses, too; to bring your shameful parts in out of exile to centerstage, where they can be tended to with empathy and care and thanked for their service, then bid farewell; to respect as holy the sacred journey through Black girlhood

How: Vigorously, and with love

Deadline to apply: May 17, 2021 at 11:59 PM

Application requirements: Writing sample, video interview, and participation in Planted in the Same Pot, our relationship-building retreat (which may be overnight if we are able to guarantee a safe in-person experience) 

Daughters can earn up to a $1,200 stipend for intentional completion of the program. They are gifted personal libraries, iTunes gift cards and customized journals. They are expected to participate in a majority of the reading and writing workshops and to contribute to this year's end-of-summer production, which will be led by the illustrious Schaun Champion. Additionally, parents and caregivers of daughters under 18 must attend an information session in early June.     


Apply here if you are new to A Revolutionary Summer.

Apply here if you've attended A Revolutionary Summer in the past.  

Keep in mind that you cannot save your application as a draft and return to it later. Please consider preparing your application offline and then copying and pasting your answers into the appropriate Google Form.


Application questions for first-time candidates are here

Application questions for returning candidates are here


She needed what most colored girls needed: a chorus of mamas, grandmamas, aunts, cousins, sisters, neighbors, Sunday school teachers, best girl friends, and what all to give her the strength life demanded of her—and the humor with which to live it.


-Toni Morrison, Song of Solomon