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Our 2017 Book Campaign

2017 is our most successful campaign to date! Our village purchased over 200 tees to ensure that each of our daughters was equipped with a personal library, Netflix subscription, and iTunes gift card. This year, tees read, "Because of me, a girl read Gayl Jones, Toni Morrison, Warsan Shire, Ntozake Shange & Alice Walker."

Our 2016 Book Campaign

2016 was a beautiful repeat of 2015. Our village provided all books for revolutionary daughters and rocked "Because of me, a girl read Their Eyes Were Watching God" tees. Check out their cute pictures and selfies!

Our 2015 Book Campaign

Two Junes ago, a relatively small group of supporters provided nearly 100 books for A Revolutionary Summer 2015. These gracious men and women purchased "Because of me, a girl read The Bluest Eye" tees to guarantee that no participating daughter would miss the opportunity to read The Bluest Eye, The Color Purple, Wounded in the House of a Friend, or Silver Sparrow, to name a few! 


This gallery highlights just a few of the members of our village, and we can't thank them enough! Aren't they beautiful?