Buy a Girl a Book!

A Revolutionary Summer is seven years old this year! Something about seven feels like we can make it to ten. And something bout ten feels like maybe we can do this thing forever!

When you buy a tee (or tank or sweatshirt or hoodie...we have options this year, y'all) you help guarantee that our daughters and mamas have personal libraries and all the learning supplies they need.

And listen, Summer 2021 is gonna be as special as all the summers past, okay? Not just because we're striving to pay our daughters $1,400 (pray on that for us, please) but because we'll also be welcoming more youth leaders, thereby ensuring that our planning team looks exactly as it should: 4 grown folks : 10 young people, AND we've stepped our curriculum game all the way up (I know I say that every year, but y'all know we don't play about content).

Year Seven is a big deal for us, too. It's a level up year. We want to ensure that our program can be replicated by Summer 2022. You can help us make this happen by purchasing a tee or two :0)!

P.S. Don't forget to take and tag us in your selfies! All of our social media handles are below.




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