You Can't Teach Children You Don't Love

Each year, A Revolutionary Summer invites 20 daughters ages 15+ to study Black women authors and artists. More importantly, we invite them to study themselves. We take good care of our daughter girls and are intentional about creating the conditions under which we know they thrive, and consequently learn. We understand and honor the importance of teaching through relationships.

On Sunday January 20, we'll offer a virtual workshop designed to impart some of our instructional and relational techniques. Participants can expect to see how we use dialogue circles, language choice, problem-solving discipline, personalized writing instruction, and imagery to build and strengthen the teacher-student bond. And of course, we'll take questions at the end!

A Revolutionary Summer believes love (care, commitment, respect, knowledge, responsibility and trust) is the essential element to a thriving learning environment. Let us share with you just how we put love into motion. Together we can contribute to the movement of educators using empathy, joy, and connection to strengthen children's hearts, minds and spirits.

Tickets are available for purchase here.

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