A Valuable Weapon: Healing Circles for Black Women

On November 5, A Revolutionary Summer (ARS) will launch a series of healing circles for Black women in or suffering from the effects of toxic relationships. The circles will be facilitated by Andria Nacina Cole, director of ARS. Cole is a trained dialogue facilitator and restorative practices specialist who climbed her way "on up out of a God-awful love." She has said, "Leaving is a daily, deliberate, radical, forever and ever act." In addition to imparting her freedom techniques, Cole will use core dialogue circle principles to help participants draw on their best values, make connections that support the emotional work necessary to get free, and help them show up as the spiritual gangstas they'll need to be to win this pivotal battle. If you are a Black woman in need of healing or know a Black woman in need of healing, please send her our way!

A Valuable Weapon is sponsored by Restorative Response Baltimore.

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