We are Women Black Girls Can Cry With

Last year A Revolutionary Summer instituted interviews as part of our application process, not only to better prepare daughters for the program but to help them determine if they were up to the challenge of completing it. In addition to studying multiple bodies of work, including novels, albums, paintings and films, daughters are responsible for preparing for our end-of-summer performance, for raising money for a fellow participant, for completing home assignments, and for taking yoga classes, (among other things!). But the interview process is also a demonstration of our commitment to supporting, guiding and loving them. It is an introduction to the kind, courageous space we promise to create. So it's no wonder we be justa laughing, crying, fussing and philosophizing in there! More than a few of our daughters broke into tears during their interviews. Of course we joined them. (Out of respect for those personal moments, we have not posted them here.)

What is telling is that ARS interviews are no more than 20 minutes. What could make a young woman cry (and cry hard) in that small space of time? Perhaps these are just my directorial dreams, but I think our daughters get so tender with us because: -Even our language choices (“Hello sugah” "Ain't you beautiful?" "That skin is love in motion") exude appreciation. -We ask them questions that prove we see them. And then listen with both eyes to the answers. -We are the kind of women you can fall apart with. We are the kind of women who help you put yourself back together, too. We welcome you to view some photographs of our 2018 interview experience and hope you will join us for other 2018 milestones.

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