A Revolutionary Summer strives to put daughters in contact with Black women artists and activists—that is, in addition to studying their work, daughters hear artists' voices, ask artists' questions, and, on occasion, sit on artists' couches, so that they might know that creative magic is crafted by real, working hands.


In 2015, Tayari Jones, offered up her precious writing time to speak with us about her creative process and the characters in Silver Sparrow. In addition to providing a list of must-read books and gifting daughters with two handfuls each of valuable writing advice, she made them laugh right out loud with her funny and inspirational writing tales. 


Our culminating project of 2015 was a visit to the legendary Sonia Sanchez's Philadelphia home. That's right! Mama Sanchez welcomed us right into her living room. She spoke at length to daughters about Black art and Black existence in the present and past world. She affirmed the possibility of a writing life, of a compassionate life. 

In the summer of 2016, we welcomed honorary womanist Susan Muaddi Darraj. Mother Darraj is a Palestinian writer and graciously offered daughters the rare opportunity to analyze and discuss her work, giving them direct access to its source. Her art study connected the African-American and Palestinian experiences.


The summer of 2017 brought us some more good company, as we welcomed Adepero Oduye, actress, director and writer. Mama Adepero starred in our 2017 film selection Pariah and blessed us with a 30-minute conversation via Skype. Daughters were able to ask her questions about her craft and process as well as the film. It was a truly remarkable experience.  


We were also blessed with the gifts of Joyell Arvella. Joyell is an unapologetic womanist, racial and gender equity strategist, doula, yoga & mindfulness practitioner, and proud aunty to dozens. She not only led 2017's yoga journey, she co-facilitated workshops, co-directed our end of summer production, and contributed so very much to general operations and fundraising.  

Please explore the lives and artistic endeavors of our featured artists and facilitators by hovering over the images and clicking the links.

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