Projector - Delivers portions of our lessons; increases engagement; incorporates visual elements necessary to instruction.

Curriculum Development Stipends - Ensure that Andria is able to spend the time necessary to develop the robust curriculum that drives ARS. While we're quite proud of our existing materials, they could be improved with focused time and attention!

Volunteer Stipends - Provide our selfless volunteers with a small token of our appreciation. ARS volunteers make our program possible, and we love to demonstrate our appreciation.

Field Trip Stipends - Make certain that we are able to support revolutionary daughters across the year. Each month we try to get together—at the movies or a coffeehouse, for dinner—to maintain our connections to one another.   

Mac Laptop - Guarantees that our vocabulary acquisition magazines and annual literary journal are beautifully designed; aids the delivery of our lessons; allows us to connect to revolutionary daughters in the local and larger community. (Currently, we're operating with a single laptop between us. It'd be lovely if we didn't have to share!) 

A Trip Cross Country or Abroad - ARS would love nothing more than to take revolutionary daughters to meet other Black and Brown girls in places they might otherwise never see. This is one grand wish, but we believe that in order to receive, you must ask. Get to work universe!

Yoga Mats - Ensure that each daughter is properly equipped to participate in yoga class. (We'll need to provide brand new yoga mats next summer. We anticipate welcoming at least 20 revolutionary daughters, in case you were wondering!) 

Props and Costumes - Help bring our end-of-summer performance alive. (The preparation for summer 2017's choreopoem was responsible for our daughters bonding on a level that we've never seen before. We fully intend to put on dramas every year!)

Venue - Provides a beautiful gathering place for our end-of-summer performance. 

Photographer - Lessens ARS's burden a LOT! By providing us a photographer or photography stipend, we're able to prepare, organize, teach, rehearse, and just be! Plus, our pictures will come out much better! Ha!

Copyright Purchases - Allows ARS to publish curriculum and materials that use copyrighted quotes and images.

Learning materials - Give daughters all the tools they need to succeed across the summer. In general, we gift daughters binders, dividers, paper, sticky notes, pens, pencils, and highlighters.  

Please contact us at andria@arevolutionarysummer.com if you're interested in purchasing an item on our registry. 

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