Opening & Closing Circles

A Revolutionary Summer doesn't start or end without coming together in a circle! It's important that there are no barriers between us, that we use a speaking piece of significance, and that we allow everyone voice. The circle structure reaffirms our belief that our daughters are wise beyond measure and that we need their stories as much as they need ours. 

Yoga Class

During the planning stages of ARS 2017, we decided to release our grip on story and put a bit more emphasis on spirit. Our yoga classes, led by Joyell Arvella, illustrated that shift. 

Our Second Homes

One day soon ARS will be housed in a beautiful brownstone with a dance studio on the top floor, a full kitchen and gorgeous conference rooms all around. Until then, we depend on the generosity of the community to host our events. Motorhouse, Humanim, Exit the Apple, and Area 405 were integral parts of making Summer 2017 revolutionary.  

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